About us


Hey there! We are Mahlako and Thetlwane, the proud co-founders of Medu, a bold traditional fashion brand established in 2021. Our love for traditional clothes stems from our upbringing and was invigorated when we worked collaboratively on an Instagram micro-blog showcasing sepedi traditional outfits, weddings, and all things cultural.

We believe that all cultures should be equally represented and celebrated. That's why we started Medu - to bring beautiful, high-quality traditional attires to the world. Our vision is to create pieces that not only look amazing, but also resonate with people and are easily accessible.



We're so grateful to be supported by an amazing community of friends, family, and a team of talented young professionals and graduates from top fashion schools in South Africa. With their help, we've been able to bring our vision to life and create stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces that are perfect for any occasion.

Medu team pictured at our Summer 2022 photoshoot 


At Medu, we believe that everyone should be free to celebrate their culture in its vibrant and colourful glory. That's why our tag line is "Live in Full Colour". We want you to embrace your roots and celebrate your culture through your clothing choices. So go ahead, add some color to your life and shop with us today!